Hello all,

For those who might be slightly interested, I thought I’d add a quick bio on myself and Back Office in general.


Here’s me, deep in debate with a local…

As you may have noticed from my Copyright notice, my name is Mark Egan (although I also go by the nick of ‘Rawr’ which I use in various internet forums – that being the root of my RAWRtacular brand name). I originally hail from a suburb of Dublin, Ireland, but in recent years I have become an expat in Oslo, Norway. This is where I now work and run RAWRtacular.com. Following college in Dublin, I moved to Huai’an – China for year before returning to Ireland to begin my IT career, mostly working Tech Support with Telecoms companies. Eventually, that resulted in my moving to Norway, where I continue to work with Telecoms and first launched this website.

My Art and Style

I’ve been drawing comics, well…forever really. As long as I can remember I have been throwing together strips. Originally, my style and inspiration drew from Gary Larson’s Far-Side and similar comics, but in early 2000 things changed when I picked up a how-to draw Manga guide. My drawing hand fell in love with the manga/anime style, and thus I never looked back.

After a couple of years of tweaking my own manga-esque style, I finally started turning my drawings into actual comics. After several failed one-shot attempts I finally pulled off my first finished chapter of a comic in 2005 while living in China. The comic was called ‘Bata Neart’ and would occupy the next 5 years of my drawing life. In 2006 it was actually published under the short-lived German magazine ‘Yes-If’. As of today, that magazine can still be read on it’s website www.yes-if.de

Although Yes-If only published part of the first-chapter before dis-continuing, I continued to draw the comic with an additional 5 chapters completed prior to the launch of RAWRtacular.com

Back Office and RAWRtacular.com

The idea for Back Office sort of came out of nowhere in early 2010. My girlfriend Anna suggested I draw up some of her workmates in my manga style. I produced a manga portrait of them, which would eventually provide me with the prototypes for several Back Office characters. A few weeks later, I produced the first 2 chapters of Back Office, which went down surprisingly well and encouraged me to continue. Back Office is my first ever, regular, weekly comic which led me to establish RAWRtacular.com to host it on.

I hope to continue providing this comic as often and a regularly as possible, while Bata Neart has also made a return as my second weekly webcomic. Ultimately, I hope for RAWRtacular to be a place where people can enjoy what they see, and where my comics thrive and grow.

If you have any queries about RAWRtacular, my comics, or just want to give some feedback, please feel free to drop me a message. My Social network contacts are available on the menu bar and I’m also reachable on the following email: rawr@rawrtacular.com

I’ll try my best to answer to all messages sent.


All characters appearing in this work are fictitious. Any resemblance to real persons, living or dead, is purely coincidental.