RAWRweekly: Run-up to RAWRtoberfest

Hello and welcome back to RAWRweekly, (which will actually be weekly now). Several updates to bring you from since last the last post:

Firstly, preparation work on Bata Neart continues. Over this weekend I hope finalise the Bata Neart logo, and even get some teaser pages up. I’ve also been scanning stuff from my old 2003 portfolio (my oldest surviving work) for the upcoming series of posts: Bata Neart Begins. Part 1 of that should be up this weekend.

‘I’m Famous in Japan‘ is progressing, although a little slower than I wanted. Life has continued to be a little hectic, so I’ve had to prioritize Back Office to keep up with it’s schedule. Page 6 is due up soon (and is actually my favorite so far). My partners in crime, Alex and Micheal of Black Snow Comics, will actually be featuring the original ‘I’m Famous’ and their latest epic ‘Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum’, at APE (Alternative Press Expo) in San Francisco on the 1st and 2nd of October.

If you are in the San Francisco area during that weekend, I recommend paying a visit to APE and searching out the Black Snow table (Table 608). Here’s a link to the Exhibit site.

Manga Portal?

Another bit of news, is related to some networking that’s been happening over on the Anime/Manga group pages of LinkedIN. Several manga artists (including myself), have now banded together in an effort to a produce a Manga Portal site. This Manga Portal would feature at least one web-manga update per day, and if all goes well RAWRtacular Comics would also appear in there, alongside some very excellent web-manga. More news on that in the coming weeks.

RAWRtober Competition!

Don’t forget the RAWRtober picture / photo / video competition! Details of it are listed in the previous post. It’ll be running right through most of October, so if you’d like to win a RAWRtacular T-Shirt, check it out!

And finally…in the coming weeks, I’m going to start reviewing the website itself to fix up it’s design. Right now RAWRtacular.com is a mash-up of technologies and styles, and I think it’s about time I bulldoze a lot of it down (especially the Index page). If you have any ideas or input on the future look of RAWRtacular.com, please feel free to let me know!

That’s all I have until next-time!



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