RAWRweekly: Run-up to RAWRtoberfest

Hello and welcome back to RAWRweekly, (which will actually be weekly now). Several updates to bring you from since last the last post: Firstly, preparation work on Bata Neart continues. Over this weekend I hope finalise the Bata Neart logo, and even get some teaser pages up. I’ve also been scanning stuff from my old 2003 […]

Competition Time! RAWRtober is coming!

Hello all, and welcome to a celebratory RAWRlog entry. It has been roughly a full year since RAWRtacular.com became a live website with regular Back Office updates, and to celebrate I am renaming the month of October, ‘RAWRtober!’ (It was going to be ‘RAWRtember’, but RAWRtember is nearly half over by now) During RAWRtober, we […]

RAWRweekly: The RAWRtacular Comic-works

Hello all, and welcome back to another RAWRweekly. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, and come back with an other irrelevant update from the world of RAWRtacular! If you’ve been following the RAWRtacular Facebook Page or Group, you’ll already know by now that I’ve already gotten stuck into my collaboration comic, ‘I’m Famous in Japan’ with […]

Who the hell is this?!

As you may have noticed by now, the index page is now looking….well…less bland. The reason for that is that I’ve put up what will hopefully be the first of many background wallpapers! But who the hell is this you may be asking? Some girl holding a weird stick, with a pizza-slice-shaped chunk taken out […]