Whoa…Spring-Flower returns just was we head into a cliff-hanger ending.

What the hell happened to bring a heavily-armed GREG Initiative back to life and right into their city? Will Karen or Sam get away, or will they be condemned to live as reprogrammed “Flower Girls”?

The answers to all this and more in the next chapter: “Reverse and Rewind – Part 2” 


Back Office will now take a summer break while I work on this year’s Coffee Party chapter. Also while I recharge a little 🙂

Happily, this year has seen the comic buffer in it’s best condition since I started web-cartooning. Both Bata Neart and Back Office maintained a 5-page buffer throughout this year, and in some cases I managed a nearly 10-page buffer (a personal record).

I don’t have a solid launch date yet for the next chapter, but I would like to aim for the second half of September to allow me to finish Coffee Party work and build a good buffer again. Then we’ll run the next chapter right into the new year 🙂 I will announce the launch date here when I know for sure.

Until then, I hope everyone has a great summer!