And alas with this cliffhanger, we leave the girls for now and end Chapter 9. Shockingly I actually managed to stick to my goal of containing chapters into 20 pages, for both Bata Neart and Back Office! The buffers have also been in the best condition so far in my cartooning career.

I will now focus the summer weeks on Coffee Party while I try to up my game and improve my skills, and come back anew to tackle Chapter 10 and the fight with the Formorians.

I hope to relaunch in September along with Back Office and I’ll update here once I have a solid date planned.

Until then, thank you for sticking with me for yet another chapter of this story πŸ™‚ As usual please feel free to drop a message and the @AskAoife and @AskAshling rule are always available for questions directly to them πŸ™‚