Happy Valentines Day to one and all, and welcome to Back Office’s first entry into the ironically NSFW ‘Sarah Zero VDSD 2013’!!

What is a VDSD you may ask? Well…it’s a web-comic community event that celebrates Valentines Day by having wed-comic characters appearing nude for the day. Doesn’t that sound romantic? . . . . .What to you mean ‘No’?!!  😀

Needless to say, such an item is NSFW and so I’ve placed it away from the rest of the comic. If you wish to see Back Office’s VDSD image, please press here.

My other web-comic Bata Neart is also getting in on this, with another NSFW image located here.

On both pages you’ll get a list of links to all of the other participants of this year’s VDSD. Please take a moment to visit them too.

Please also check out the Comic the started all of this: Sarah Zero!

Have a great day!!