Damn! Aoife gets the blame and she’s actually pretty innocent…which I guessing is against the norm for her (I’m getting that impression. Alas, the brings us to the end of the Chapter, and to yet another cliffhanger.

As mentioned last time, I will now need to go into a planned hiatus. There are a couple of reasons for this:

  • There’s been a lot of illnesses at home which really ate into the buffer. Can’t really draw and take care of sick people at the same time alas.
  • There’s been loads more to do at my day job lately.
  • And I’m kind of wiped out.

The biggest factor this time, like any another hiatus lately, is Coffee Party. I’m going into my contribution early this year in order to allow more time for others to join into this year’s book. While you are reading this, I am probably starting up the drawing of the first few pages.

However, as with all previous planned hiatus’, this one has a planned end.

I am aiming for a start up in June.

Please watch this space for an exact date. In the meantime I may be tempted to open up another special regarding the *Asking* of certain things to a certain Someone…if there is enough interest….

Again, sorry for pulling yet another hiatus…but I hope the wait for Chapter 11 will be worth it. I will try my best to make sure of that.