There’s something about Ashling…but what 😀 Coming next week, the last page of this chapter!

Just a bit of an interesting side note for some reason Bata Neart appears to have suddenly grown a readership in Japan(!)

This is a snap-shot from 2 weeks ago, but the trend has continued. Japan is landing in 2nd or 3rd place for traffic consistently.

It always bamboozles me whenever I get a reader from Japan, especially since my work is (at best) a cheap knock-off of the much better stuff that they can buy for 200 yen down at the corner shop.

If you are indeed a reader from Japan, please comment. I am genuinely very curious why you like reading Bata Neart 😀 (And don’t worry about your English, I grew up in a city with an erm…interesting relationship with the language :D)