And so we are finally joined by the second 10th Anniversary competition winner, Azreal! In addition to this appearance Azreal also received a copy of Back Office Vol.1 & a hand-drawn Bata Neart commission. Azreal elected to appear as a cat, and thus now joins Bata Neart’s canon as Colaiste Muire’s “School Cat” (And team maskot according to Aoife). I hope you enjoy this and further appearances Azreal 🙂

How will Sharon react to this? Find out after the 1-week break.

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Friday 11th August 2017

UPDATE NOTICE!! Possible extended Chapter Break.

I didn’t plan this chapter too well, so we will be going over 20 pages before it ends. However after that my traditional summer break might be a lot longer than usual. This is due to my impending work on this year’s Coffee Party manga. I’m co-writing the main story with Nao this year and I’m going to try my absolute best. Thus might be a bit of a delay getting back to Bata Neart work. The same will probably happen with Back Office too.

I’ll try to keep you all updated on everything that happens. I am hoping that Chapter 9 will be worth the wait.