My Bad…I’m busy moving

Hello All, Just to let you know, that I’m a little backed up right now trying to rebuild a house and move into it. As anyone whose tried to do that will know, it’s time-consuming as hell. Thus, I’m very sorry, but for now a that I can offer is the weekly Back Office updates. […]

New Homepage design coming!

As posted on my index page, RAWRtacular is still very much under construction. However in the coming week or so, I hope to upload a more finished version of the RAWRtacular index page. Right now, it’s still a very simple site, but doesn’t really give the impression that I produce comics or anything like that. […]


Some users may be experiencing a lot of slow performance lately from the site. Sorry about that, I think something may be broken somewhere in my site setup. I’ve sent a support ticket into my web-hoster to see if there is anything wrong. Hopefully I can get things running properly soon. -Rawr

Friday the 13th

Today sort of makes me think about that timeless cheesy classic from the 80’s (and a couple of the early sequels…not the later ones on account of how crap they are.) It makes me wonder why, now 30 years later, is Friday 13th’s very simple horrorĀ recipeĀ so difficult to replicate. You could argue that after 3 […]


Why’d I do it? WHY?! I’ve been a massive nay-sayer of Twitter for a long time. I just don’t see the appeal in it. It’s just a massive pool of people following each other’s comments, and for the most part I just don’t get it. Then…why would I actually go and make a profile a […]


After much screwing around with old CSS tutorials, browser compatibility issues, and a whole load of other things I don’t want to mention, we’re finally here. The site launch. It’s been a long while since I last ran a website (damn near 10 years if I remember correctly), but I just couldn’t wait any longer. […]