RAWRweekly: Aggressive advertising and The Spoony Experiment

Hello and welcome to this week’s RAWRweekly! This week, I continue my struggle to get more readers for Back Office. Through reading the excellent articles of The Comic Academy, and also listening to my own gut instincts, I have finally realized what is needed to get Back Office a decent readership. I have realized that I need to market the […]

I’m Famous in Japan! Page 7

Welcome to Page 7 of I’m Famous in Japan! Sorry for the lack of frequency lately on this comic. I hope to have a new page of Famous in Japan up once every 2 weeks, at least (and more often if I can manage). This scene was kind of hard to work out. Alex had […]

RAWRweekly! : Apple and my comic work

Hello all and welcome to this week’s RAWRweekly. No doubt, yesterday you heard about Steve Jobs death, and no doubt either that you’ve probably read one or two of the many millions of blog articles about him by now. So I’m trying not to jump onto the grief bandwagon here by going on too much […]

Bata Neart Begins: The Early Days

Hello and Welcome to ‘Bata Neart Begins’, a short series of documentary posts, about the beginnings of RAWRtacular’s Flagship comic: Bata Neart Something new is about to enter the world of RAWRtacular…and by new, I mean something very, very old. Bata Neart returns after a staggering 6 years out of print, and so I’d like to talk […]

I’m Famous in Japan! Page 6

Welcome and Konbanwa to Page 6 of I’m Famous in Japan! This page is part of a updated series written up by Alex, which I’ve had a lot of fun with. The script called for a press conference, pretty much as shown here, but I did play around a little, and threw in some interesting ‘extras’ […]

RAWRweekly: Run-up to RAWRtoberfest

Hello and welcome back to RAWRweekly, (which will actually be weekly now). Several updates to bring you from since last the last post: Firstly, preparation work on Bata Neart continues. Over this weekend I hope finalise the Bata Neart logo, and even get some teaser pages up. I’ve also been scanning stuff from my old 2003 […]

Competition Time! RAWRtober is coming!

Hello all, and welcome to a celebratory RAWRlog entry. It has been roughly a full year since RAWRtacular.com became a live website with regular Back Office updates, and to celebrate I am renaming the month of October, ‘RAWRtober!’ (It was going to be ‘RAWRtember’, but RAWRtember is nearly half over by now) During RAWRtober, we […]

RAWRweekly: The RAWRtacular Comic-works

Hello all, and welcome back to another RAWRweekly. It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, and come back with an other irrelevant update from the world of RAWRtacular! If you’ve been following the RAWRtacular Facebook Page or Group, you’ll already know by now that I’ve already gotten stuck into my collaboration comic, ‘I’m Famous in Japan’ with […]

RAWRweekly: Oslo and Utøya

Hello all. This week’s RAWRlog is a bit weird. Mostly because things currently here in Norway are also weird. As you may already know by now, Oslo was rocked by a massive car-bomb, and a lot of kids were gunned down on the island of Utøya. At this stage it appears very clear, that both are the […]