RAWRnews: A summer of RAWRtacular landmarks!

Hello and welcome again to RAWRnews, that occasional blog spot where I write about stuff that has been happening in the world of RAWRtacular.

It’s summer time, and quite a few things of note have happened, or are about to. Please let me tell you about them:

Back Office 100

Summer time and the weather is hot!

Summer time and the weather is hot!

Much to my own surprise, a few weeks ago Back Office reached it’s 100th page! This really was a surprising landmark to reach. When I originally penned Back Office, it was intended to be little more than filler between Bata Neart updates, but it has now surpassed my older comic to become RAWRtacular’s flagship. Never did I think that it could reach 100 pages, that time really did fly in.

In those 100 pages, my office/sci-fi comedy action-drama has managed to draw in a respectable reader-base (nothing compared to other web-comics, but still pretty good), features prominently on many search engines (thank you Google+) and has been banned by at least one call-center, which is a feat that I am particularly proud of. Thus Back Office ends it’s second year on a high-note, and with bright summer filler page. May it see a good 3rd year!

I’m Developing in Japan!

Marine Sunrise - A new character?

Marine Sunrise – A new character?

Following my completion of the last pages from the existing script for I’m Famous in Japan, I have been playing with potential new ideas to pitch to the guys at Black Snow Comics. One main idea I have been playing with is the creation of a rival for the infamous Lone Wolf. It has not been a simple task, but it has been fun to tackle it. Please check out this article over on Black Snow, where I describe my overly long creation process. I can’t wait to see where this goes.

Me at 30

30...the new 20

30…the new 20

Yes folks…I’m about to be a grown up. Next Saturday will be my 30th birthday, bringing about the end of a very interesting decade of my life. What has this got to do with RAWRtacular, you may ask. It is kind of critical to the existence of this site. Years ago, when I first started to focus on drawing manga-style comics, promised myself to do *something* with it before I turned 30. RAWRtacular was the answer to that. RAWRtacular is also a sort of testament to my 20s and to all of the adventures I have had during them.

I started them as an aspring yet nieve Manga Cartoonist / IT Student who spent one summer working as a film extra in the movie King Arthur (2004), which gave me experience in stunt work, ridiculously long hours and learning how to convincingly ‘kill’ a person with out actually touching them. There after were my adventures in China, followed by my own Back Office style adventures in  a call-center. In the end; I left Ireland, came to live in Norway, met the love of my life and settled down with her. With her encouragement and support, as well as a decade of aventures to draw from, I launched RAWRtacular, and we now reach this website’s second anniversary, as well as my own 30th.

It’s been one hell of a ride folks, and if my life were to end here, I could honestly say that I have lived it. If I get the time, I may even do a series of articles on my various RAWRtacular adventures.

Anniversary Competition?

This and next month are yet again milestones for both RAWRtacular and Back Office. Both comic and website reach two years old next month. This month also marks one year since the beginning of I’m Famous in Japan.

Last year on the  first anniversary of this site, I ran a reader’s competition to mark it. Unfortunately, no one seemed to join, and so the competition ran out without a winner. I’m still thinking of running one this year, but only if I receive positive feedback on the idea from readers. If you feel that you would like to win RAWRtacular prizes and would enter a competition to win them, please post a comment on this blog entry and let me know. If I get some feedback, I’m most likely to run one again.

In that note, I think I’ll end this article.

Hoping you all the best this summer!


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