RAWRweekly: The Gathering 2012

Hello all,


I just wanted to post a quick RAWRweekly while I still had the chance. Things are going to be very busy next week, while I join KANDU’s Chillout at The Gathering 2012.

For those who are not aware, The Gathering is a massive 5-day long gaming tournament held every year at Hamar, Norway. I’ve joined up with the volunteer group KANDU (who operate the event), to work at the Chillout. KANDU’s Chillout is a special section at the event which is intended as a way to get gamers away from their PCs for a while, so that they can join in on fun games, competitions or just to….chill out.

The Gathering: That's a LOT of gamers!!

If there are any RAWRtacular readers attending The Gathering this year, please feel free to seek me out. I’ll be at the Chillout at many an odd hour, and during my off-time I hope to work on some comic pages. So if you’re curious on how a Back Office or Bata Neart page is made, please feel free to sit in. I’m always pleased to show people the inner workings of the RAWRtacular comic-works! 😀

As a result of The Gathering, my updates next week will unfortunately be limited. Next Monday’s Back Office will be a Gathering themed filler page, and there will be no Bata Neart update.

Everything should return to normal on Easter Monday, with a normal Back Office update that day.

Until next time!


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