RAWRweekly: March Madness!

Hello all and welcome to yet another monthly RAWRweekly.

First off, I have finally spoken in person with Michael Balistreri via Skype. This is the first time I had actually talked with Black Snow’s artist since the beginning of work on I’m Famous in Japan. It really is surprising how much we’ve managed to get done so far on email and chat windows alone! We shared some stories, talked a little shop (webcomic artists share very similar challenges), and threw together some ideas for future I’m Famous in Japan pages. I hope to reach himself and Black Snow’s writer Alex in the near future for some brain storming. That’s going to be fun!

Bata Neart

A sneak-peak at Bata Neart's next cover page!

Following on from last RAWRweekly, I am still re-mastering Chapter 2 of Bata Neart. I’m going to try and get more information regarding the whole process of doing this up on my Deviant Art page soon (that place is ghost town at the moment.) Please remember to check in tomorrow (Friday) for the first page of Chapter 2. In the distant past of 2006, the beginning of that chapter was a very big deal for me since it was the very first time I had completed a chapter of a comic, and then moved onto it’s second installment. Releasing this remastered chapter nearly has the same effect on me as that one did. I’m excited to re-introduce the world to Ashling and her friends.

The Gathering

It's the Final Countdown!

KANDU is working hard to get ready for The Gathering 2012 in Hamar, Norway. I’m going to push out a special ‘The Gathering’ Back Office strip for that week to act as filler (since I’ll be working there, I won’t have time for a proper update that Monday.) I hope to report back on that event afterwards. Again, it should be lots of fun, and if you are attending please head over to KANDU’s Chillout where there will be fun, games and even prizes.

That’s all for now!


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