RAWRweekly: A Black Snowy New Year!

Hello all and welcome to 2012’s first RAWRweekly.

An outstanding surprise presented itself this week, in the form of a package from my friend and partner in crime Michael Balisteri. For those who don’t know (or haven’t been paying attention), Michael is the artistic maniac who runs Black Snow Comics together with comic genius Alex Siquig. I’ve had the pleasure of working with these guys for nearly a year now on collaboration work and it has been a lot of fun, as many readers might have already realized while reading I’m Famous in Japan (the comic I draw with them).

An original Balisteri Lone Wolf sketch!

So this week, a package from Michael arrived choc full of Black Snow goodies. I’d like to share with you what I found inside;

First and foremost, a very flattering personally penned letter from Michael himself, with an original sketch of The Lone Wolf. This treasured item goes into the RAWRtacular Vault (as soon as such a thing exists), as this will be of interest to future students of Black Snow lore. Also, it really is nice in this day and age to have a piece of physical art from the original artist. The whole digital age of webcomics has sort of removed that, and it’s nice to be reminded for where it all really comes from.

With the letter, I also received the full-colour Volumn 1 of ‘I’m Famous!’ the comic from which I’m Famous in Japan is sung off from. Nothing beats reading a physical comic, and although I was having fun with the original on-line version, this paper copy just feels better. I recommend ‘I’m Famous’ it to anyone with a twisted sense of humor like myself.

Nail-biting I'm Famous drama!

Nail-biting I'm Famous drama!

I also received a hefty copy of ‘Black Snow – The Complete Original Series’. I tried to read through the whole thing, but as time passed I began to feel dizzy, and the following somehow happened.

Intoxicating stuff!

Intoxicating stuff!

Poorly shot Intoxication jokes aside, this monolithic volume includes some insane, yet very dark drama and makes for an engaging read. If you already like Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum, then this comic is for you. You’ll really get feel of where Two Drink Minimum comes from…and possibly where it’s going (that’s not a spoiler-alert, mostly guess-work from me).

With the comics, I also received a rare treat! The very stylish Black Snow Comics cap! Not currently available online (to my knowledge), this cap can only be obtained from the guys themselves when they are on convention tours. So if you want one too, check out the site and look out for their next appearance! (living on the US West Coast may be necessary for this…).

Government Warning: Incorrect cap usage may lead to hair-stress

Government Warning: Incorrect cap usage may lead to hair-stress

And last, but certainly not least at all. Just as rare as the Cap, I found a Legendary Black Snow Bottle Opener. Why so Legendary? Well first…it’s a bottle..that opens bigger bottles…and if that doesn’t blow your head open…it is the most effective bottle opener I have ever owned. No kidding, it is really damned good at opening stuff. Thus I declare this bottle opener to be Truly RAWRtacular…oh yes…it is that good.

Just like the cap, if you want one too, you’ll probably need to see them at a convention (which in itself, is a really good idea).

Truly RAWRtacular!

Truly RAWRtacular!

And so that mostly wraps up the Black Snow package and this week’s RAWRweekly. I’d like to again thank Michael and Alex for their continued friendship and awesome team-work, as well as sending out this outstanding gift. I look forward to an awesome 2012 working with you guys!

If you too, would like to own a copy of I’m Famous! or the Complete Black Snow collection. Click here! Go on! You know you want to!

Until next time!


One thought on “RAWRweekly: A Black Snowy New Year!

  1. You’re a good man Mr. Rawr. Enjoy the priceless, hand crafted (by little children in some other country no doubt) items that will one day bring you great fame and wealth.

    Love the live action rendition by the way.

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