RAWRweekly: The Greatest Advert in the World….Ever!

Welcome back to this week’s late-as-usual RAWRweekly.

When I first started writing this article, I was going to go on about my efforts to market RAWRtacular, and how they were failing. It was a very negative piece, and I couldn’t bring myself to finish it. In a nut-shell, I was disheartened that my readership hadn’t increased, despite my aggressive advert campaigning.

But this week, something changed.

Up until now, my main advert had been my standard exchange banner (what I use to share links with other sites). Frankly, it’s kind of lazy and doesn’t say much about the comic. So, I finally decided to put some effort in, and make a funny advert that could attract readers. I took some imagery from next week’s Back Office, and built the skyscraper advert you now see below.

Keep it up Karen! You're winning us 1000's of readers!

I’ve always been confident that there was a market for Back Office, and frankly the thing  that prevented it from gaining a decent readership was me. I needed to put the time, effort and thought into what I was doing, and in my early adverts I just wasn’t doing that. But now I am, and it’s paying off big time. Just get a load of these Back Office statistics from Project Wonderful:

If you can read that chart, you’ll see a huge jump in views from 12/11. That was the day I launched the new Back Office advert. Before, I was getting about 200-500 pages views per day on Back Office, with about 40-80 unique visitors. But now, that has jumped to an incredible 2000 – 3200 page views per day, with 700-900 unique visitors.

I’m blown away. I had always hoped that I’d get to this level of readership, and it’s shocking to think that a simple advert change was all I needed. I’m going into 2012 with a new-found sense of hope for RAWRtacular. Also, a big welcome to all the new Back Office readers. I hope you’ll enjoy it!


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