RAWRweekly: Scandinavian Winter

The weekend has arrived! Time for yet another belated RAWRweekly.

I few things to report this time round. First off, Bata Neart is in full swing and is picking up some modest readership, mostly thanks to inkOUTBREAK. Since we’re still in the prologue, I’m not going to put so many resources into marketing the comic until we reach the next chapter and meet the story’s main cast. So I know well that traffic to Bata Neart won’t be that high just yet. I still need to update the RAWRtacular Index with a link to Bata Neart, I hope to get to that this weekend. I must thank Black Snow Comics for posting a link to Bata Neart on their site. I didn’t even ask them to do that, they just posted my demo banner right up. Thank you guys, I really do appreciate that.

Back Office is now heading into the dramatic closing chapters of the ‘Q-Matic Saga’. I’ve now started to consider future story arcs for Back Office, since I have decided to completely move away from the Joke-a-day format that Back Office started with. The reason I do this, is to try and keep the stories fresh and interesting. I’ve noticed that many main-stream Office comics tend to get stuck into a bit of a rut regarding plot and character development, mostly due to their joke-a-day format. Since I like to flesh out my characters, I will in future produce Back Office as a series of mini-arcs with punchlines thrown in on most pages. I’m hoping for most of these arcs to be much shorter than the epic year-long ‘Q-Matic’ arc.

I’m Famous in Japan, alas does not have a position in my weekly production schedule. That however does not make it any less important than Back Office or Bata Neart. The classic problem of not having enough hours in the day is to blame here, as well has major challenges in work at the moment. Once I have an office space in the house, I hope to set myself Drawing Hours that I will force myself to keep. (doing most of my work in front of a TV makes it difficult to focus!) Thus I should be able to handle 3 comic pages a week then. Some really fun pages are coming up in this series, so please be patient and watch this space.

It'll soon be like this in Oslo

I finish off this RAWRweekly, with a mention of Scandinavian Winter. It’s finally arrived here in sunny Oslo, Norway, and soon enough everything will be covered by snow. As you can probably guess, it get pretty cold up here in the sub-Arctic North, where we tend to enjoy long months of below zero temperatures and very little daylight (if any).  Unless you are skiing or sledging, you don’t really want to be outside during a Norwegian winter. I guess that means more drawing time…oh well.


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