RAWRweekly: Countdown to Bata Neart

Hello all,

It’s been a busy week, and next week will be even busier. As I’ve posted on RAWRtacular’s social media lately, Bata Neart will actually launch this coming Friday the 28th of October.

I’m having weird sort of feeling about that. In one respect, I’m really excited about this but otherwise I’m more┬árelieved. I was really afraid that this would never happen, and now that we’re less than 7 days away; its starting to feel ‘real’.

This Friday, you will be treated to the first 5 pages of Chapter 1. Thereafter, there will be a new page every Friday. Together with Back Office, this means that RAWRtacular will finally start running 2 weekly comic updates.

What does this mean for ‘I’m Famous in Japan?’ Well, thankfully most of the early Bata Neart chapters is stuff I drew over the years and is just being ‘re-mastered’ (for now). So I still have some availability to get I’m Famous in Japan pages out there. (and there are some really good pages coming, so stay tuned there.

I’ll leave you with this little sample of a future Bata Neart page. This is from the original Chaper 3 of the run, which you may see again in a long while if you stick with the series. Enjoy! (I hope!)

A future Bata Neart page...from the past........isn't that weird?


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