RAWRweekly: Aggressive advertising and The Spoony Experiment

Hello and welcome to this week’s RAWRweekly!

This week, I continue my struggle to get more readers for Back Office.

Through reading the excellent articles of The Comic Academy, and also listening to my own gut instincts, I have finally realized what is needed to get Back Office a decent readership.

I have realized that I need to market the hell out of this comic! This process had already started earlier in this year by RAWRtacular joining Project Wonderful. At first, this seemed pretty cool, but after a while it became clear that my modest advertising budget wasn’t suitable at getting many readers over to RAWRtacular or Back Office.

Finally, this week I decided to up the ante a bit,  by advertising on the leaderboard of the extremely popular The Spoony Experiment.

The Spoony One

A Back Office banner...in the company of Greatness!

I did this for two reasons.

First: The Spoony Experiment receives thousands of unique hits daily from all over the world. Advertising here is an excellent opportunity to get to a mass audience without completely breaking the bank.

Second: I am a massive fan of The Spoony One! I love his work, and if there’s any website I’s rather do this on, it would be his. I also get the feeling that many of his fans are of a similar mind-set as myself, and thus might enjoy Back Office.  Hope Spoony doesn’t mind my god-awful banner advert featuring on his page 🙂

So here’s hoping my gamble pays off! I’d like to see more readers here, as I think they’ll enjoy themselves!

Until next time!


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