RAWRweekly: Famous Japan, Bata Neart, and My Fellow American

Hello all, and welcome to this week’s RAWRweekly.

A couple of bits and pieces this week (which has been busy as hell!). I’m Famous in Japan continues relentlessly into the very heart of it’s Japanese pariody. I am very pleased with how it’s turning out, as are the guys at Black Snow Comics. If you have not already gotten into it, please do so now at the following link. I do plan to re-post all of my articles from the Black Snow Blog, over here too. That’s coming soon.

Next, very good news. Bata Neart is scheduled for launch. That’s right, it’s actually coming! Given my commitments with both Back Office and I’m Famous in Japan, I have now decided to launch Bata Neart’s prologue one page at a time (original plan was to do it all in one go). With 25 pages, this should give me enough time to complete I’m Famous in Japan and then get stuck into Bata Neart’s first proper chapter. I hope that goes well.

Finally, last but certainly not least. I would like to share the message of ‘My Fellow American‘.

This group approached me recently in lue of my coverage of the Oslo Bombing and Utøya massacre. They put forward a very positive message of acceptance and fellowship. Although this message is very much aimed at Americans, I feel that it does have a lot of universal meaning. And so, American or not, the following video is certainly worth a look.

That’s extremely well done.


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