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Hello all, and welcome back to another RAWRweekly.

It’s been an eventful couple of weeks, and come back with an other irrelevant update from the world of RAWRtacular! If you’ve been following the RAWRtacular Facebook Page or Group, you’ll already know by now that I’ve already gotten stuck into my collaboration comic, ‘I’m Famous in Japan’ with the guys over at Black Snow Comics. After a bit of artist-block following the second page, I’m about to pencil up the 3rd and possibly even the 4th page this week. I’m a bit excited about the scene sequence I have in mind (built around the script of Black Snow’s Alex), so I can’t wait to get into that.

A thought occurs though. I think I really need to look into how I manage my time. Last week I somehow managed to draw up double Back Office chapters. Yesterday I managed to pencil another. Now I face a week were I need to compete a couple of  ‘Famous in Japans’, the current Back Office chapter, and finally, last but not least at all…Bata Neart. With the house project entering it’s critical final stage, and me finally moving out of my old apartment…time is short.

I wonder why the hell I keep doing this. About a year ago, I launched RAWRtacular and started regular Back Office pages, right when we had another massive moving project. Really, it was the worst possible time to be doing intense comic work. And now here we are again. Although it’s not as hectic this time round, I have now pretty much tippled my work load with 3 comics to think about. I guess it’s because I try to ignore that voice in my head;

-HeadVoice: “Rawr! You eegit! Don’t start a webcomic website now! You’ve got try an install a new kitchen and put down flooring!”

-Rawr: “Shaddup! I can do it! I can do it ALL! M’Ha Ha HA HA!”

-HeadVoice: “Can’t you just wait?!”

-Rawr: “No! I must take this opportunity while I still have the drive for it!”

-HeadVoice: “But where is the time for this? You do need to sleep sometime!”

-Rawr: “Ha! I don’t need this ‘Sleep’ you speak of! *Smashes to the floor out-cold*

And so I do it again. There are reasons for this. First, I don’t want to let up on my Monday Back Office schedule. As it stands my flagship comic is struggling with it’s once-a-week schedule. So, I have to continue that if I have any hope of increasing readership. Second, ‘I’m Famous in Japan’ is my first ever collaboration and I really want to see where we go with this.

And finally Bata Neart.

This comic MUST be released this year. Why so serious? Well…it has been nearly a year since RAWRtacular came in existence, and Bata Neart has been ‘coming soon’ for all of that time. I can’t risk losing interest in releasing Bata Neart, that would be heart-breaking. Also, I need to release it before someone else decides to do something by the same name. I already hold the Copyright on ‘Bata Neart’ in various forms as my intellectual property (that’s legal-speak for’ a thing what I had done there’), but I just don’t want to take the chance.

So the Bata Neart release must happen….soon (no kidding).


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