RAWRweekly (sort of): It’s summer, and things are heating up!

Hello all, and welcome back to the sort of weekly, RAWRweekly.

I’ve been away from town for the past week, and spent the week before doing a major overhaul of the house, and thus no time for RAWRlogging I’m afraid. I’m back now, and things are about to seriously kick off.

First off, Back Office news. As you may have noticed over at the comic, that Back Office has now reached it’s First Year in production! Hurra! I never really thought it would get this far to be honest. Back Office was just going to be a filler comic while I worked on the more serious ‘Bata Neart’. Instead it evolved into the odd office comedy it is today, and the flagship of RAWRtacular.com

As luck would have it, just as Back Office completed it’s first year, it had surprisingly reached a milestone that I had always been hoping for. For one or 2 days last week, Back Office fell into the TOP 100 Comics of TheWebComicList.com! That is a very big deal. TheWebComicList.com has over 18000 webcomics listed, and for Back Office to actually reach it’s Top 100 is truly shocking. Right now, the comic has returned to hovering in the Top 200, but that jump to the Top 100 has really boosted my moral and resolve. Thank you to all Back Office readers who have supported the comic over the past year.

Next…I’m Famous in Japan! Work progresses over at Black Snow Comics on the Lone Wolf’s adventures in Japan. I’m about to join in with my manga-esque style. What will happen? Who can really say. Needless to say, it will be very Japan-ish, with my drawing style, and the classic Black Snow humor you would come to expect. I will be making blog posts over at Black Snow’s blog during production of this, but I am planning to ‘Simulcast’ those posts over here at RAWRlog as well.

Finally…RAWRtacular itself. The site is slightly younger than Back Office, by about a month or so. Thus, I’m planning a celebration ‘event’ of sorts, to mark it’s first year. There will be a competition….there will be prizes….there will be anything I can throw in given the time and resources I have available.

This September, will become RAWRtember…..

Watch this space.


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