RAWRweekly: I’m Famous in Japan!

If only I really was….then this site would be loaded with Otakus, and I could retire on the ad revenue alone!

But seriously, this is the title of something I’m very excited about. For the first time ever RAWRtacular.com (aka me), will be entering into a collaborative comic with my good buddies over at Black Snow Comics! Hurra!

We're turning Japan-ese-a!

Reading back in the RAWRlog, you’ll probably remember me blogging about a collaboration project with Micheal and Alex of Black Snow Comics, in an effort to re-launch their titular main comic for an actual print publication. The publisher had requested a new artist, and I threw my hat in to do the artwork. In the end the print deal didn’t happen, and the relaunch instead became ‘Black Snow: Two Drink Minimum’.

I kind of preferred things happening that way, since I feel that Black Snow really should be be drawn by Micheal. It was after all his and Alex’s baby for the past decade. Despite the print deal falling through, I really liked these guys, and so we thought about other ways to collaborate and work on something together. Eventually, this became ‘I’m Famous in Japan!

Things are at a very early stage, but so far myself and Micheal are putting together some artwork, and Alex already has several pages scripted. The speed of all this is quite shocking now, but at the same time very exciting! I won’t give any spoilers out, but as you’ll guess from the title it will feature the cast of Black Snow’s ‘I’m Famous’ in Japan of all places. It’s going to be lots of fun, so watch this space.

On a somber note, this is a very major step in this weird webcomic ‘career’ I find myself in. ¬†An actual collaboration with other web-artists. Most webcomic hobbyists like myself, usually run their comics solo for it’s entire life-time. It’s not often that you’ll see them jump into another person’s project (beyond guest strips), or even create a new project based on what both artists can bring to the table. Although I am doing this for fun (much like why I do Back Office), there’s now feeling in my head of this ‘hobby’ becoming much more than it used to be.

The simple act of working with another comic group, is starting to make this feel ‘professional’ for the first time ever. Don’t get me wrong, I’m not turning all serious now. I’m Famous in Japan will still just be me and the Black Snow guys having fun with comics. But it does make me feel like there’s some momentum in this mad RAWRtacular experiment I started a year ago. For this, I really do thank the guys at Black Snow, and I’m hoping that they are getting as many good wibes out of this as I am.

Check out I’m Famous here


PS! We’re closing in on the 1 Year Anniversary of both Back Office, and RAWRtacular itself! A celebration may be in order….and what’s that? A competition you say? Prizes? Hmm….watch this space.

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