Concept Crash: Sonic Underground

Hi all again, and welcome to another Concept Crash.

Tonight’s Crash: Sonic Underground

Before we begin, an apology. I have no excuse, I really should be updating RAWRlog far more often. It doesn’t take long to write up one of these review-like article thingys, compared to the obscene amount of time it takes me to draw a single comic page. One, late, new years resolution of mine is to add here at least as often as I do with Back Office, if not more. Anyway, on to what actually grabbed your attention.

I love Sonic the Hedgehog. No, not in a bro-mantic sort of way, what I mean is that I love the Sega games, and throughout the early 90’s I, like many others, lost many a  year fighting Robotnik’s Badnik army (Yes, I’m calling him Robotnik…none of this ‘Eggman’ nonsense). Naturally, when I learned of a Sonic cartoon back then, I was very interested. But alas, what we got was ‘The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog’, an odd Looney Toons rip-off starring Sonic himself, Tails, Robotnik, and a couple of random badniks they lifted from Sonic 2 (which was released the previous year).

It was…n’t what I thought it would be. Yes, the games themselves were very cartoony, but they had a certain edge to them, that the cartoon completely lacked. (Also no in-game PSAs…which was always a bonus). It wasn’t completely terrible, but as many reviewers have probably pointed out before, it wasn’t the best way to bring Sonic to animation. No…that crown belonged to another.

Just as the ‘Adventures of’ series ended, DiC released their second licensed Sonic series, entitled simply as: ‘Sonic the Hedgehog’. To simplify things, this series was also known as ‘SATAM’ (Referring to it’s original SATuraday AM slot – as opposed to the other show’s weekday afternoon slot). Many, MANY reviewers have covered this series in detail before me, so I’ll try not to bore you with the details of this show. (Check out the Nostalgia Critic for this, he does a very fun comparison between SATAM and the older show).

What I’d like to talk about tonight, is the whole concept of SATAM and why it kicked ass back then (and even now compared to a lot of kids shows), and furthermore, how that concept was crashed.

SATAM’s whole premise was that the bad-guy had already won. Robotnik had won the fight years ago….and now he was an undisputed Emperor of the whole planet. With his massive army of StormTrooper-like SWATbots, he looked and felt untouchable, with Jim Cummings voice to add that extra touch of ‘evil’. Thus, Sonic is shown to be the underdog from the very start, and even when he did win at the end of an episode, that victory seemed very small. An entire evil empire still needed to be beaten.

Normally, it would warm the cocals of my metalic heart, but this just warms the plates of my metallic shins.

Normally, it would warm the cockles of my metallic heart, but this just warms the plates of my metallic shins.

This in my opinion, is the key to making a very good villain. SATAM’s Robotnik wasn’t just a copy-and-paste villain from other kids shows. This guy was for the most part intelligent, cunning and vicious. If he caught anyone, he didn’t just kill them, he’d rip apart their soul, turn their body into a robotic slave and make them watch themselves like that forever. (Very similar to the Borg…a possible reference?) He was just plain evil, and I loved that. I really wished we’d see more like him. Oh, and let’s not forget about Snively. He was a creepy sort-of Sith apprentice wasn’t he? He was an excellent side-kick, for the simple reason that he served to make his master (and uncle?) seem even more evil. Perfectly done.

Also, let’s not forget the good guys. No, it wasn’t just Robotnik that made SATAM a classic. The heroes of this show were excellent as well. Here we are treated to seeing Sonic as a revolutionary (ala Che Guevara I guess? Wouldn’t that make a cool T-Shirt! Che Sonica!) together with his friends and co-rebels, the Knothole Freedom Fighters. Instead of the baddie-a-day nomadic heros one would be used to in cartoons, the SATAM freedom fighters came across as overwhelmed, inexperienced, and scared. They lived their lives in hiding, doing what they could to fight against Robotnik and a fate worse than death, Robotization.

Knothole Village! This 33rd century wonder boasts housing for 50, with running water and food. Can even be run by a group of 10-year-olds!

SATAM also introduces a change from the Sonic and Tails dynamic of the games and first cartoon. Tails is side-lined due to his age, and replaced with an ensemble cast. In addition to a classic Sonic (who hasn’t really changed from the last cartoon), we are also introduced to his love interest Princess Sally who takes on a scientist/leader role, Bunny a half robotized ‘Texan’ rabbit who serves as the muscle, Roter a walrus engineer (makes sense to me), and finally Antione, a cowardly ‘French’ fox who is often brought along on missions for no good reason. Together they formed a group of protagonists you could give a damn about and route for. These guys, together with the shows villian, made SATAM a classic.

SATAM ran for 2 seasons before cancellation. Several reasons have been thrown around as to why DiC ceased running the show, but one rumor I remember reading about related to a feud between DiC, Sega of America and Sega Japan. Regardless of reason, the show ended on a sort-of cliffhanger. By the final episode ‘The Doomesday Project’, the Freedom Fighters had just about stolen victory from certain defeat, and Robotnik was gone. There was very little story left really, even with Snively still out there with a new ‘mystery villain’. (Which turned out to be an evil wizard from an earlier episode….kinda lame)

Fans of the show, like myself, spent the next couple of years wondering if SATAM would ever return. Rumors were thrown around of a SATAM game coming to the MegaDrive, but Sega Japan never went that way with the franchise and chose to maintain their own canon for Sonic. However SATAM characters did make token appearances in Sonic Spinball (a Sega of America production. One their last before Sega Japan took over everything from Sonic 3 onwards).

It seemed like SATAM was gone for good. (With the exception of the Archie comic series, which I believe are printed to this day.)

Until…in 1999 DiC came back with another Sonic licence. There was hope. Even the title sounded good. It was called Sonic Underground, and SATAM fans waited to have their thurst quenched for another classic saga. But alas, all it did was crash a classic concept.

Sonic Underground - Yes...this is a Sonic cartoon. is.

This was a very similar show, in terms of look, character design and overall concept. But there were differences, which were enough to ruin the concept it was based upon.

First, the villain. Sonic Underground (SU) literally copied and pasted the design of SATAM’s Robotnik. He looks identical. However, he is not the same villain at all. Jim Cummings has been replaced by Gary Chalk, and thus his voice loses that evil edge that only Cummings seemed to be able to pull off. That alone can be forgiven (Cummings is a master voice-actor, and was probably very pricey to hire by 1998/9), but what can’t be forgiven was what they did with him.

Just like with SATAM, he is an Emperor, already in charge, already won the war, and looking to win more. But…unlike SATAM, he has left most of the people un-Robotized. There doesn’t appear to be any clear reasoning for this. SATAM’s Robotnik’s only interest with the general population, was to turn them into robotic slave-labour. SU’s Robotnik comes across as either soft, inefficiant, or both for not doing this, since the former Robotnik was able to organize the mass capture and robot processing of every single civilian in his control. This gave him a merciless edge that this newer Robotnik lacked.

These are kind of bad-ass...

His support network is also different. Instead of having Snively as his odd balding leutenant, and an army of imposing black-metal SWATbots, we get Sleet and Dingo as well as a less impressive looking breed for SWATbot.

Sleet and Dingo bother me. They are little too much like Scratch and Grounder from the earlier Sonic cartoon, and like them, they are morons. I don’t like moronic villains. Yes, Robotnik and Snively did do stupid things in SATAM, but for the most part those things were usually mistakes. Beyond that they had military structure to fall back on. Sleet, Dingo, Scratch and Grounder seem to come from a school of thought were villains of a story need to be morons, to push forward the idea that only idiots do evil deeds. This is something I never like, since evil deeds can often be performed by very

...and this is kind of lame in comparison.

intelligent (although morally corrupt) people. I feel that the failings of the SATAM villians were more to do with bad luck, or the fact they have simply been bested by the story’s heros. Simple stupidity does not a good villain make in my books, and Sonic Underground goes in this direction.

I guess now I should talk about are story’s heroes, shouldn’t I? I really don’t want to, because they are such a disappointment compared to SATAM. Remember the Knothole Freedom Fighters? Well…they’re gone. Now replaced by…Sonic….Girl Sonic….and Green Sonic who reminds me of Michelangelo from the Mutant Turtles. No more rebel leaders, Southern rabbits, or cowardly French foxes. Just a whole load of Sonics, and that can get real annoying…real fast.

This time around, Sonic isn’t just a champion of the people, he’s actually royalty and he has siblings. Instead of Sally’s father being deposed and seemingly killed, his own mother was queen, and was is on the run. Alright, interesting enough, but the advantage to having a character other than Sonic with a detailed background, was that we could take breaks from him and focus on other characters from time-to-time. This was what we usually got from Sally in SATAM (and may be the root of that character’s popularity?).

And how about the characters themselves? Sonic is as he’s always been, he can be annoying, but he’s not so bad. It’s his siblings that bug me. First we have Sonia his sister. The main question in my mind is why the hell is Jaleel White voicing Sonic, Manic AND Sonia? Sonia very clearly sounds like a guy pretending to be a girl. If they had actually gotten a woman to play the role, then she may have worked, but instead we get the fingernails-on-chalkboard effect whenever ‘she’ talks.

His brother Manic seems unneeded, he’s for the most part just a green Sonic with a gnarly surfer voice….and he plays drums…that’s it really.

And mentioning drums, it is about time to address the elephant in the room. Anyone who’s seen the show will know what I’m talking about. Now ask, in Sonic Underground are Sonic and Co running a super-secret rebel cell in forest? Are they tactfully hitting out from the shadows and pulling back just as fast? Meh…kinda. But not really, for you see that mostly, they have formed a band, named ‘Sonic Underground’ and tour around the world fighting Robotnik between gigs. That’s right, a band. They use the same van everytime too. Hmm…

Thank you! You've been a wonderful audience....and please don't mention us to the robot army outside...we're sort of illegal..

Remember what I wrote about moronic villains? Well…that applies to the heroes too. These kids are total morons, hiding in plain sight and advertising where they are all the time. This makes the villains seem even stupider. SATAM’s Robotnik would have taken these 3 down after the 2nd episode. And thus…I can’t buy the idea of them fighting a rebellion, and that ruins the SATAM concept it was built upon.

And so, we come to Concept Crash of the night. SATAM brought forward a rarely used plot device, where the heroes are underdogs and must fight against a far superior foe. Sonic Underground attempted to replicate this with a music-video gimmick thrown in, but failed. It copied SATAM designs and stole it’s backgrounds, but even with those, it did not feel the same. The Freedom Fighters of SATAM were replaced with 3 Sonics and some forgettable help characters, and the villain they were fighting lost all of the effect of the SATAM original.

Despite having some of the same production staff of SATAM, they tried to copy their previous success and somehow seemed to forget what gave that show it’s edge.

Ultimately, SATAM may get a reboot (reboots seem to happen after the 20 year mark, and surprisingly this how is reaching there now), but thanks to the Sega-canon anime Sonic X that may not happen (I may cover Sonic X in a future Concept Crash, I have a bone to pick with that show too).

Sonic Underground was cancelled after one season, and is now re-run with SATAM. If you are a Sonic fan, I recommend checking them both out, but especially SATAM, as it is classic and a monument of good children’s programming. Watch Underground for the the sake of seeing how such a good idea can be ruined…


(Sonic the Hedgehog (games and character) are property of Sega, The Adventures of Sonic the Hedgehog, Sonic the Hedgehog (TV Series) and Sonic Underground were produced by DiC Entertainment (currenty Cookie Jar Entertainment))

18 thoughts on “Concept Crash: Sonic Underground


  2. A full caps comment? My, aren’t we very internet-shouty? 🙂 I’m more than willing to debate to pros and cons of both series with you Sonicfan, but at the end of the day you will not find me ‘shutting up’ about it or changing my opinion on the later series. I’m well aware that some viewers do prefer Underground to SATAM, and I respect that choice, however my view of Underground remains. I still consider it a botched clone of SATAM.

  3. When I first watched SU on TV here in the UK, I quite liked it but the songs bugged me so much! There were one or two really good ones in there, but the rest had me reaching for the mute button! Also, we only got to see about 27 out of the 40 the episodes before they dropped it for another show. Several years later, I picked up the complete boxset so I could see the episodes that I had missed, and what a let-down the ending was!!! Sonic just looking at the screen and saying ‘Game over, Buttnik”. O_O So the theme song was a lie! The so-called ‘prophecy’ of Sonic, Sonia and Manic reuniting with their mother, forming the Council of Four and overthrowing Robotnik never actually took place!

    I wanted to like this show more, but like this blog says, it was a complete let-down compared to SATAM, the vastly superior show. Case in point, in one episode, the hedgehogs were supposedly chasing after Sleet and Dingo in their van. Sonia asks if they should be going faster to which Sonic replies “Now you’re talking MY language!” and speeds up. If they were chasing after S&D, wouldn’t they be going as fast as they could anyway? O_o

    I honestly can’t think of any good points to give the show. The songs were poor, the voice acting was sub-par (SU Robotnik didn’t sound the LEAST bit threatening as compared to SATAM Robotnik!) and the plotlines weren’t imaginative. It’s certainly better than Sonic X (even though I like anime), but falls flat compared to SATAM. If the show had been given a decent ending, it would have wrapped it off better, but alas, it didn’t happen.

  4. Thank you for the comment Keshihead! Agreed totally on the songs. Many were just plain awful, and the ‘music videos’ that accompanied them were even worse (most seemed to just be spliced up animation for that episode with some horrid rotation effects thrown in). The whole music gimmick did seem very unnecessary.

    I never actually reached the end of the show myself as I was only just about able to complete those first 27 aired (it was really hard to stay interested). That ending you described does sound pretty bad, and unfortunately doesn’t surprise me too much, given the quality of the writing throughout. A pity though, I never like seeing shows ending that way, even ones I don’t like. That incomplete ending was probably due the show being cancelled before it’s planned second season.

    Also, you mention the less threatening voice of Robotnic. I would forgive them for not being able to use Jim Cummings again (he was doing movie voice-work at that stage and was probably too pricey for them to hire), but their choice here was Gary Chalk…the voice of Grounder from the earlier ‘Adventures of…’ show. Doesn’t really cry out villain to me.

    Ah well. One can always hope that something in the same spirit as SATAM could be made one day. Somehow in this age of reboots, I doubt a continuation of SATAM will ever be produced. But a faithful reboot might be worth watching.

  5. err you realise this is a kids show right and if you have an article published then something tells me your not a kid and the songs and the concepts would only appeal to thats right KIDS so I don’t get what your problem is, its not meant for people over 6.

  6. Hi Maffster. Thanks for the comment!
    You seem to be operating under the assumption that cartoons can only be enjoyed by young children. For some productions this is the case, however many good cartoons can be enjoyed by many age groups right up into adulthood. Thus, I can’t accept your somewhat closed view on that.

    Now, I can explain my current “problem” with Sonic Underground in two different ways.

    First off, even though I watched both of these shows as a child I continued to respect SATAM as an adult. The reason for this was that the show was a relatively rare example of children’s show giving it’s audience some credit and respect of it’s own. It handled an extremely dark storyline, with equally dark villains and threats, while not dumbing it down too much. The producers knew that it’s audience would understand what was happening without everything being spelled out to them. There appeared to be definite effort to produce a quality show that would appeal to most age groups. I’m a firm believer that the same effort put into prime-time entertainment must also be put into children’s entertainment. Simply because a show is intended for children is not a valid reason to slak off I feel. In writing this article I wanted to highlight SATAM’s value as a quality production, compared to Sonic Underground which appeared to be a much more rushed affair. This is my first problem with that show.

    The Second issue I have with Sonic Underground, is that it is a sub-par clone of SATAM. If Sonic Underground been a completely different type of story, setup and concept, I might not of had as much of a problem with it as I did (and still do). This show was very clearly an attempt to relaunch a SATAM style show, to feed off the success of the previous program. That would have been fine, if they had done it well. Instead we get bargain-basement animation quality, re-used backgrounds and character sheets from SATAM and extremely flat characters all round (especially compared to the characters they were based on or replaced). If this had just been a run-of-the-mill afternoon cartoon I would have ignored it entirely, but since it’s a SATAM clone I can’t help but comment on how poor of a copy it is. SATAM is one of the finest examples of children’s programming I have seen, and I really expected better from a copy of it.

    That Maffster, is my problem with Sonic Underground. Although you will most likely discount my opinion anyway (based on both shows being for kids), I would ask that you keep an open mind. There are many of us who genuinely care about the quality of children’s programming being produced, and who hope for programs to get better with time, and not worse. So that future generations can enjoy shows, just as we did growing up.

  7. Well, to be honest, I can think of a more worst show of Sonic’s that’s not gonna be let down…it may be an Anime, but I don’t think it did too well making Sonic the decoy protagonist in it. It’s Sonic X. Just thought I’d let you know.

  8. Ah yes, Sonic X. I *was* tempted to do a whole ‘Concept Crash’ thing with that show too, but I kind-of ran out of time to do this kind of thing with my web-comics taking over what free time I had! Maybe I should try a mini-Concept Crash here in the comment box 😀

    By the time Sonic X came about, I was already waaaay past it’s target age group, but I was still an anime fan and the promise of a Japanese produced Sonic show seemed promising. The actual result however was not. When I did get my hands on an episode, I found it to be little more than a very generic children’s anime which just happened to star Sega’s mascot and his (over) extended range of support characters. I say over-extended there, as even though SATAM had quite a few support characters, most of them were fleshed out with personalities and back-stories, forming more of an ensemble. Sonic X had some characters, but many of them come across as rigid, gimmicky and very 2-Dimensional.

    The Robotnik of this show (I still refuse to call him Eggman), is more like Pokemon’s Team Rocket than the Palaptine / Vader thing they were going for in SATAM. Hell, I even prefer the Sonic Underground Robotnik to this guy!!

    The rest of what I can remember was that the show was set in present-day Earth, and that very little interesting happened. It disappointed me no end, but by then Sonic Underground has set the bar low enough for me not to be all that annoyed by it.

    Alternatively, I recommend the Sonic anime movie made in the 90’s. That was all kinds of crazy, but kind of fun! 😀

  9. I loved Sonic Underground! I thought the show was so bad it was good! I know a lot of fans hate this show because of the way it turned out… and I kind of agree. For me, the show has a certain silliness to it, but also dark tones were played out to balance it. They really did smash the two shows AOSTH and SATAM together, even key plot points from both those Sonic shows were used! What I think should’ve happened for this show…

    1: Sonic shouldn’t have been royalty because it makes him look like he has a big ego when really he should’ve been a regular “Knight in shining armor” (No pun intended if you’re thinking of Sonic and The Black Knight game) instead of a “King to be”

    2: Giving him siblings. Sonia and Manic are fine characters to me… but I think they should’ve been related to someone else and not Sonic. In fact, in a Sonic Universe comic, Sonia and Manic are Sonic’s children! How weird is that?

    3: Laser shooting musical weapons. Are you kidding me? Sonic has a spin-dash thing that would do just as much if not more damage than a laser shooting Guitar! Same goes for Sonia, since she has a spinning thing like the Tasmanian devil from Bugs Bunny. Manic is the only one that makes sense to even have something like that with his drums. I like Manic’s surfer-dude attitude though… he’s cute.

    4: Insert songs. Some of them sound ok, some of them sound great… most sound like a PSA on Crack. Can’t they just make a remix of a song that I’m familiar with? “I’m living In A Box” “Take On Me” “Everybody Wants To Rule The World”… come on people! They had to make most of them sound like… The Chipmunks? Wait a minute! The director did say he wanted to make it like The Chipmunks! That explains it… but it’s still not a good idea all that much.

    Still, I love watching this show and if you don’t like it… your opinion. Hell, I love to draw Queen Aleena because I think her design just screams cute!!!

    I’m also trying to make a comic about this character… and one other character with her… just love her!!!

  10. Thank you for comment Spyro! I also checked out your DA page, you’ve got a lot awesome art there!

    I respect your reasons for liking Sonic Underground, and the dark Orwellian Horror of Robotnik’s State was somewhat handled well; even it still paled in comparison to what they did with SATAM.
    I also agree with every point you are making in your comment:

    1) Sonic as royalty did seem very off. SATAM put this role on Sally Acorn, which balanced out the cast a bit better and spread the focus. There were other important characters from Sonic, which gave us some needed breaks from him. Sonic by default is the main hero of the series, and while the royal angle can work…it really wasn’t needed…

    2) I very much agree about the siblings. There was no need for siblings, and certainly no need to make them triplets. They could have been distant cousins, unrealted hedgehogs, or…going with the Royal angle…*older* than Sonic, making Manic or Sonia the heir-apparent. That would have nicely diluted the royal element of Sonic’s character. In this show, one big problem with the siblings is that they are all voiced by Jaleel White. Jaleel had been the voice of Sonic for all of the 1990’s and he had always been good at it. However, he can’t do an effective female voice. Sonia REALLY needed a female voice actor for her lines. As it was, Sonia sounded like high-pitched guy pretending to be a girl…which is what happened. That kind of demolished the siblings for me. Manic was OK…but a bit ‘Meh’.

    3) Yea…this seemed a bit off too. The musical weapons should have been something else, and I’m guessing the idea was the give Sonic Underground an edge over SATAM by having it’s Freedom Fighters armed for battle. It didn’t really come across that way though. Sonic’s spin-dash seems to have been forgotten…which was weird….

    4) Great Music can make an OK show truly awesome. It can also really help when needing montages or controlling the tempo/emotion of a complex scene. SATAM managed this well with a set of orchestral numbers that fit in with particular types of scenes. My guess is that Sonic Underground was trying to use music videos as a ‘bombastic’ way to drive action scenes forward. Alas, poor song writing and really crappy editing of re-usable animation made the endevour look like a cheap way to pad out the minutes and save on animation costs. And seriously….they actually wanted to make it like The Chipmunks? *Face Palm*

    As I said earlier, I get way you like the show and respect your reasons. I still can’t get my head around the fact that it’s a half-assed clone of SATAM, but that’s just me.

    On Queen Aleena: She’s probably one of the only characters that I didn’t hate. Probably because she was an original design and that she was voiced by someone other than Jaleel White. Her introduction in the credits is also some of the best animation of the show, with a dramatic tear rolling off her cheek and into the wind while she speaks. That was very well put together. Through your DA page I also saw the original concept sheets for Aleena, and it seems that they had put a good deal of thought into her. If they put that much work into the other characters, this may have actually been a good show.

  11. My feelings exactly on this show. The show must’ve been really been on a budget to have Jaleel voice Sonia. They could’ve chosen any female voice actress to play her. Kath Soucie (who voiced Sally Acorn), Cree Summers (Dulcy), Tara Reid, the late Christine Cavanagh (Bunnie Rabbot)…hell even April Winchell would’ve been better. My God! The music videos and the songs that came along with theme was what killed the show. If they hadn’t hired and paid singer Sam Vincent and his band to provide Sonic, Manic’s and Sonia’s singing voice and used that money to pay a female voice actress for Sonia and to maintain the animation standards of SATAM, it would’ve lasted longer. Hell it would’ve been more been a decent show.

  12. Nicely put Kenfox, I think you’ve nailed the main issue with this show, which appears to have been the budget. You can even see that compared to the crisp animation of SATAM, SU animation was often very scrappy, and didn’t always gel well with the watercolour backgrounds (some of which appeared to have been lifted directly from SATAM). I honestly hope that Jaleel’s voicing of Sonia was down to budget, because I have a horrible feeling that this was planned that way.

    Any number of female voice actresses would have done a better job. Kath Soucie and Cree Summers (who are excellent VAs) appear to had gotten very active in different projects following SATAM, and they may have been unavailable to work with SU on the time or may have been able to request more pay than they could budget for. This was likely the same reason why Jim Cummings wasn’t hired back to voice Robotnik. Disney were all over him in the late 90’s, and he was doing feature film work. Thus he would have cost a lot! Christine Cavanagh’s Bunnie was by far my favourite voice in SATAM, and she would have also made an excellent Sonia.

    The fact that they had such a limited budget, just makes the choice to sink that money into a band to produce the music numbers even more baffling. SU didn’t need the music video gimmick to justify its existence. If they have just put that money and effort into making something a little more polished, with better developed characters, it could have been a very good show.

  13. …”No more rebel leaders, Southern rabbits, or cowardly French foxes…”
    Hey, big guy, I almost forgot to mention that Antoine is actually a coyote. I, too, including almost every SATAM fan, thought he was a fox as well. I found out about it years ago when I was reading the Sonic Archie comics. I could go on a little rant on the fact that they put a screeching halt on the story that took place before the “Super Genesis wave”, but that’s a can of worms that I won’t get into….

  14. French Coyote? What a bizarre twist.
    Ah well…not nearly as tricky as figuring out what Sally was supposed to be. Was she a Fox, Squirrel or some kind of hybrid? Could never figure that out.

  15. Close. Sally is a Squirrel and Chipmunk hybrid. One Sonic Wiki says that she is a squirrel, while another Sonic wiki said she is a chipmunk. I actually read on the Mobius Wikipedia website that she is indeed a Squirrel/Chipmunk hybrid.

  16. I liked SU. I was 7 at the time it aired. However, the songs were mediocre(the best being the intro song,but even that gets annoying quickly.) Sonia needed a female voice actor, she’s a female, so get her a female voice actor! The story wasn’t that bad. A bit predictable, but still was enjoyable. I think they tried to make it more kid friendly than SATAM. Overall though it gets a 7/10 for me. It could’ve been better, but at least it was decent and way better than Sonic X. Do not get me started on that show.

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