RAWRgathering: The Party so far…

Hello everyone, this is Rawr reporting from The Gathering 2012….. Yea…erm…reporting…that doesn’t really sound right. It’s not like I’m a news network or anything…well either way, now that I have some minutes to spare, I thought I’d do a quick roundup of what’s happening so far. First off, great atmosphere all round. I took the […]

RAWRweekly: A Black Snowy New Year!

Hello all and welcome to 2012’s first RAWRweekly. An outstanding surprise presented itself this week, in the form of a package from my friend and partner in crime Michael Balisteri. For those who don’t know (or haven’t been paying attention), Michael is the artistic maniac who runs Black Snow Comics together with comic genius Alex Siquig. I’ve […]

RAWRweekly: Aggressive advertising and The Spoony Experiment

Hello and welcome to this week’s RAWRweekly! This week, I continue my struggle to get more readers for Back Office. Through reading the excellent articles of The Comic Academy, and also listening to my own gut instincts, I have finally realized what is needed to get Back Office a decent readership. I have realized that I need to market the […]

RAWRweekly! : Apple and my comic work

Hello all and welcome to this week’s RAWRweekly. No doubt, yesterday you heard about Steve Jobs death, and no doubt either that you’ve probably read one or two of the many millions of blog articles about him by now. So I’m trying not to jump onto the grief bandwagon here by going on too much […]

Tis’ the Season!…..for Flight Cancellations

Good Jul-tide to all my RAWRtacular readers! (Or God Jul..tid…if you are of a Norwegian persuasion) However, this year I would like to add an extra special shout-out to all those who have gotten stuck in airports on their way home for the holidays. I myself was heading back to Ireland for my holiday (I’m […]

Abilisa or Ablisa?

Hello All! I haven’t been posting in RAWRlog too much lately, and I’m sorry for that. Hoping to be adding stuff here more often. Just wanted to bring up one thing, which I noticed to be interesting. A while back, I did a short piece on X-Factor UK’s Ablisa…or should I say ‘AbiLisa’? It turns […]

AbiLisa – CHAVtastic!

This little excerpt from X-Factor UK has been doing its rounds on the viral video tracks lately, and it just blows my mind away. For those who are not familiar with this video (or I haven’t embedded the link above properly – very possible),it features 2 typically self-deluded contestants of the X-Factor ‘talent’ show…however, with […]

Friday the 13th

Today sort of makes me think about that timeless cheesy classic from the 80’s (and a couple of the early sequels…not the later ones on account of how crap they are.) It makes me wonder why, now 30 years later, is Friday 13th’s very simple horror recipe so difficult to replicate. You could argue that after 3 […]