RAWRweekly: ADtacular! Also – The Comic Shop!

Hello and welcome back to RAWRweekly (yes, it’s got a name now…a lame one….hurra!) Two new stuff this week. First off, I have finally taken the┬áplunge and started to spend my ad revenue on publishing my own adverts with Project Wonderful. So, you might start seeing my Back Office banner cropping up around the interweb […]

Back Office to Mondays

FYI, I’ve moved Back Office updates to Mondays now. It just seems to make more sense given that it’s an office comedy. It really should be published during the work week. -Rawr

Monday Back Office?

Hello my little RAWRlings! Today, I’d like to make things a little more interactive for you guys. I had a look at my traffic stats, and it looks like a good chunk of Back Office readers log on here on Mondays. So, I’m thinking of moving the weekly update to Monday. However, it’s up to […]