RAWRweekly: ADtacular! Also – The Comic Shop!

Hello and welcome back to RAWRweekly (yes, it’s got a name now…a lame one….hurra!) Two new stuff this week. First off, I have finally taken the plunge and started to spend my ad revenue on publishing my own adverts with Project Wonderful. So, you might start seeing my Back Office banner cropping up around the interweb […]

The typical RAWRtacular week

Hello all for this week’s RAWRlog. Two main things to start off with. First I got give a shout out to my buddy Michael Balistreri over at Black Snow Comics. He wrote some really cool stuff about me on the Black Snow Blog, and I really appreciate it. Alex and himself seem to have gone through some […]

RAWRthoughts – General thinkings from the head…

I’ve dicided to start Blogging here a little more often on the RAWRlog, with general stuff and things (especially the things). Mostly because it’s been too damned quiet here lately. Why is that?, you may ask. Well, it’s mostly due to me using this Blog for my Concept Crash rant reviews, and those take a […]

Site News! 10.02.2011

Hey everybody. Just one or two things in this update. First, the ‘attack’ on RAWRtacular I reported before seems to have just been a large increase in spam comment traffic. Thankfully Akismet and CAPTCHA has caught all of them. Alas, this still means that it’s not easy for me to see who is linking to […]

RAWRtacular….under attack?

Arg! It had to happen eventually, didn’t it? It looks like RAWRtacular.com has come under it’s first attack. ‘Attack? You mean hackers?’ You may ask, but you would be wrong. I’d like to think that hackers are more likely to come here to read the comics than attack the site itself. No, today’s attack I’m […]

Who the hell is this?!

As you may have noticed by now, the index page is now looking….well…less bland. The reason for that is that I’ve put up what will hopefully be the first of many background wallpapers! But who the hell is this you may be asking? Some girl holding a weird stick, with a pizza-slice-shaped chunk taken out […]

New Homepage design coming!

As posted on my index page, RAWRtacular is still very much under construction. However in the coming week or so, I hope to upload a more finished version of the RAWRtacular index page. Right now, it’s still a very simple site, but doesn’t really give the impression that I produce comics or anything like that. […]


Some users may be experiencing a lot of slow performance lately from the site. Sorry about that, I think something may be broken somewhere in my site setup. I’ve sent a support ticket into my web-hoster to see if there is anything wrong. Hopefully I can get things running properly soon. -Rawr


Why’d I do it? WHY?! I’ve been a massive nay-sayer of Twitter for a long time. I just don’t see the appeal in it. It’s just a massive pool of people following each other’s comments, and for the most part I just don’t get it. Then…why would I actually go and make a profile a […]