Jenny Everywhere Day 2014

Hello and welcome to my take on Jenny Everywhere, in honor of 2014’s Jenny Everywhere Day and in assocoiation with my good buddies over on United Webcomics. United Webcomics Support Jenny Everywhere Day! In The Hail Of Brambles | Rasputin Catamite | Rasputin Barxotka | RAWRtacular! Learn about future events by joining us on Google […]

RAWRweekly: The Gathering 2012

Hello all,   I just wanted to post a quick RAWRweekly while I still had the chance. Things are going to be very busy next week, while I join KANDU’s Chillout at The Gathering 2012. For those who are not aware, The Gathering is a massive 5-day long gaming tournament held every year at Hamar, Norway. […]

I’m Famous in Japan – Page 9!

Hello and welcome another page of I’m Famous in Japan! I *had* a good system in place a while ago to get one of these pages out at roughly the same rate as Back Office pages, but the time I’ve needed for that has been in short supply lately. I’m going to be bringing a […]

RAWRweekly: Scandinavian Winter

The weekend has arrived! Time for yet another belated RAWRweekly. I few things to report this time round. First off, Bata Neart is in full swing and is picking up some modest readership, mostly thanks to inkOUTBREAK. Since we’re still in the prologue, I’m not going to put so many resources into marketing the comic […]

I’m Famous in Japan! – Page 8

It’s that time again… No not for the Wheel of Morality (more like the Wheel of Immorality in this comic), but for another blogging about an I’m Famous in Japan page. <The Wheel is reference to Animanics. In case you are too young to know that.> This is a sort-of continuation from the last page, as you’ll […]

I’m Famous in Japan! Page 6

Welcome and Konbanwa to Page 6 of I’m Famous in Japan! This page is part of a updated series written up by Alex, which I’ve had a lot of fun with. The script called for a press conference, pretty much as shown here, but I did play around a little, and threw in some interesting ‘extras’ […]

RAWRweekly: Oslo and Utøya

Hello all. This week’s RAWRlog is a bit weird. Mostly because things currently here in Norway are also weird. As you may already know by now, Oslo was rocked by a massive car-bomb, and a lot of kids were gunned down on the island of Utøya. At this stage it appears very clear, that both are the […]

RAWRweekly: I’m Famous in Japan!

If only I really was….then this site would be loaded with Otakus, and I could retire on the ad revenue alone! But seriously, this is the title of something I’m very excited about. For the first time ever (aka me), will be entering into a collaborative comic with my good buddies over at Black […]

My Bad…I’m busy moving

Hello All, Just to let you know, that I’m a little backed up right now trying to rebuild a house and move into it. As anyone whose tried to do that will know, it’s time-consuming as hell. Thus, I’m very sorry, but for now a that I can offer is the weekly Back Office updates. […]