Hello and welcome back after yet another long summer hiatus (again sorry about that, I’m afraid there’s little I can do about them).

And so we return to a continuation of the last chapter with “Part 2” of this particular story. If you checked out the previous post you’ll now know that this chapter has a new theme, specifically related to a certain space-adventure series that has been around for…well nearly forever.

Many people nowadays know of Flash Gordon thanks to the 1980 movie with the classic Queen soundtrack. However I was introduced to the characters and series in a different way:

There was also an attempt to reimagine this in the 90’s, but as with many 90’s remakes…it didn’t really go far.

However, that 1979 version of Ming the Merciless always stuck out as a really well done villain (if you try to ignore the Second Season….like I try to….Screw you Gremlin! You were worse than Scrappy Doo!). So I’ve always been itching to have a chance to do a “Ming-like” villain.

I hope you enjoy the results 🙂