Welcome back to new year of Back Office πŸ™‚
This time around I’ve based the story on a little known 80’s movie series, starring that guy from Family Ties that no-one really remembers.

Also in case you missed it last week, ’tis the season for VDSD!

Yet again this year Back Office joins theΒ Sarah Zero – Valentines Day Sex Drive!

The idea behind VDSD is for Webcomics around the internet to join together on Valentines Day and showcase their characters…naked (or in some form in a joke on nudity).

It’s all done in the spirit of fun RAWRtacular’s comics are joining in with over 40 others in this nearly decade-long Webcomic tradition!

Enjoy :

I really appreciate all votes I get. The higher Back Office ranks, the better chance I have of winning new readers. So all voters: Thank you, you are honestly helping a lot.

In repayment, I am also putting up the previous Back Office VDSD images, vote-free.

with the nudity and all…

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2018

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