So Back Office chapter bows out for a break while Bata Neart starts up again this week.I hope you enjoyed ‘Insourced’ and that you’ll also enjoy the upcoming ‘Date Night’. πŸ™‚

In the meantime, there’s a certain yearly tradition that this webcomic takes part in that has just come up…


That’s right! Time for VDSD! This year Karen yet again represents Back Office from yet another scene inspired by the ‘Office Party’ plot (this must be the 4th time in a row…).

Please click on the link above and vote for Back Office to see the full image. I truly appreciate all votes, as they do help drive up the comic’s ranking which in turn attracts inΒ more lovely readers like yourselves. Thank you to all who do this πŸ™‚

But remember this is a community event, and there’s few better communities out there on the Interwebs than the Webcomic Community. Please take some time to check out the wonderful contributions from all of the other web cartoonists who join in.

Valentine’s Day Sex Drive 2017

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